This Week's Podcast : Episode: 12, Website Designers Brisbane Qld

Hi Everyone,

We have recorded a new podcast for our channel 'Web Design Brisbane'.

You can find the youtube video for this podcast embedded below.

Just to give you a little 'behind the scenes' information, I have posted below our show notes.

You will also find below some recent work from our portfolio, as well as directions to find us in Brisbane, Australia.

Of course, our goal is to share our knowledge of web design, web development and web marketing. We want to help you grow your business!

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Cheers Saul Edmonds

Here is our notes for the podcast recording: Enjoy!

Episode 12: Website Designers Brisbane Qld

This Week's Podcast Show Notes:

Today's Introduction

In today's episode we will focus on website designers in Brisbane - what do website designers do - how they can help you grow your business - and what range of services can you access when you choose to work with a local website designers.

Our goal is to help local Brisbane business grow their business with strategic website design and learn more about the web design process.

Today's Contents

Today we'll focus on web designers - with an overview of the services most web designers offer - and how they will work with you to create a tailored website design.

We'll then go onto chat about the benefits of working local and partnering with a local Brisbane website designer.


Let's Get Started!

OK. First question.
What do web designers do?

In a nutshell most web designers take your new site from the initial planning phase, to the project design & development stage, right through to completion. This includes launch, ongoing maintenance and, of course, revisions. Your designer should also assist you with targeted advice.

What range of services do website designers offer?

In our opinion, the best web designers will offer a suite of related web services - to be, in effect, a 'one stop web design shop'.

This suite of services includes:

  • Web Strategy.This includes development a roadmap for your project, to establishing milestones and meeting deadlines. 
  • Next we have 'website design' itself. You goal should be a custom tailored website design, that reflects your brand and is mobile friendly.
  • What about branding? Should a web designer be able to help you with your brand?
  • Where does web development fit in here?You have some options here: from a custom tailored CMS to a web framework built from the ground up.
  • What about web designers and ecommerce websites?You can integrate ecommerce solutions into your CMS, right?
  • SEO - Should your web designer help you with SEO?

Finally, what are the advantages of working with a local website designer, if you are located in Brisbane?

Well there you have it!
Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed the podcast.

Saul Edmonds
Founder and Creative Director of Roundhouse, The Creative Agency.


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