Ways to Make your Website Engaging and Fun.



Do you want to make your website stand out in the crowd?

Here are five ways to improve your web presence:


  1. Make your landing page simple. Don’t confuse visitors with too much information at one time. Make your opening page a simple visual of what your company represents. Google is an excellent example of this. When you reach their landing page, you’re not overwhelmed with a tremendous amount of information. A simple logo with one, two, or three menus to choose from.


  1. Avoid crowding. Always allow plenty of space between all the elements. The human mind gets overwhelmed easily, and crowding may cause viewers to feel congested and frustrated. Keep your viewers happy with freedom for the eye to move around the page.


  1. Make your website appealing with graphics, photographs, and artwork that is pleasing to the eye. This means avoiding harsh primary colors that yell at the viewer. You want to relax your viewers by choosing complementary hues and shades that are soft and gentle on the eyes.


  1. Clear legibility of content. Information is everything, so make sure that your wording and grammar are clear and understandable. This includes consistent and legible fonts, with only two or three separate fonts in your entire website.


  1. Don’t overuse animations and GIFs. Remember that animations and GIFs are like salt and pepper on food, too much will ruin the taste. Give them just enough to want them coming back for more.


A successful web presence is about understanding human psychology. What makes something appealing and how to keep a viewer interested and into your website? These principles will keep them coming back for more. For more ideas read on web marketing brisbane.